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Kevin High- Voice Over Guy

Most of us are born with an innate ability to augment our voices. A baby's pitch gets rather shrill when they need something, yet that same child's voice is the softest, sweetest thing you've ever heard when it's content. We all emote with our voices. 

As a voice actor, I employ that art along with a multitude of voice over techniques I have mastered to drive a scene, sell a product, animate a character, put your client on hold, etc. 

My voice has been described as: neighborly, soothing, warm, animated, cuddly, smooth, grating, spot on... and the list goes on. 

I'm great at accents: Non-regional US, Southern US (Genteel & Country/Backwoods), NYC, Midwestern, British Proper and I have an affinity for making strange animal noises in public places.

Experience in: hard sell; soft sell; dialogue and monologue; voice mail and phone greetings; educational services; character voices; looping; industrial/corporate. But wait... There’s more!!

Commercial VO